There are more than 3 million traders throughout Germany and each year another half a million new trade registrations are registered. We help medium-sized enterprises to comply with their tax obligations, manage their business success and shape their future with a view forward.

Independent professions

Freelancers enjoy certain rights. Professional advice results in transparency and being able to derive a scope of action from this. Business figures play just as much a role as personal pension provision and asset development. With our individual support and solutions tailored to your needs, we accompany you through your enterprise’s organisational process.

Real estate

In a surprisingly short time Germany has developed into a sought-after asset market. Real estate profits are high above the interest level and have become the ultimate type of investment for private asset accumulation and old-age provision. We have decades of experience supporting, advising and accompanying private as well as institutional investors.

Registered Clubs/NGOs

Societies, associations, foundations and other non-profit organisations are under particular protection within the framework of fiscal legislation. To make the right decisions non-profit organisations need professional and long-term advice. We share your interest in your work and based on our long-standing experience as a consulting service, can assist you in all business, tax related and legal queries. Your concerns are important to us!