Real Estate

Berlin is growing into a metropolitan region

Berlin is situated in the centre of the European Economic Area and is rapidly developing into one of the most innovative economic locations in Germany. Increasingly one talks of the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg where over 6 million people live and work. Where the real estate market first concentrated firmly on commercial properties by acquiring retail and logistics properties and purchasing German housing from municipal companies, investment has meanwhile extended to all market segments. Property returns are still way above the interest rate. Furthermore, the prospect of an economic recovery provides an additional incentive for worthwhile investment in Germany.

The following services are amongst our areas of expertise:

  • Sale and acquisition of properties: Income tax, trade tax, VAT
  • Advice on and review of developer contracts
  • Commercial properties and project development
  • Holding and management of properties: Write-offs, rental income, property tax etc.
  • Properties belonging to private and stock corporations
  • Properties belonging to an estate, inheritance or endowment – calculation of earnings values

We also advise international investors in this area of investment in Germany. We aim to find the optimal structure for your investment, according to your expectations. In this branch, we are working closely with house managements, real estate brokers, specialised lawyers, architects and banks in order to offer you all services under one roof. We currently advise around 300 clients representing various types of companies.